Why Join AARP: Is an AARP Membership Still Worth It in 2024?

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) includes members of many ages, not just those over 65. With so many benefits available, it’s probably worth the chuckles you’ll receive from carrying an AARP member card.

Though the American Association of Retired Persons (better known as AARP) has typically been linked to a class of members older than 65, the requirements necessary to benefit from the perks of this association include practically all ages.

There are many real-life benefits you can take advantage of by signing up for a membership with this nonprofit organization that serves more than just the senior crowd. In fact, when comparing costs versus benefits, the low yearly membership price can be made up ten-fold depending on what perks you take advantage of.

This guide introduces you to those benefits, many of which impact common areas of your life that require you to spend money each year. After you’ve seen how much you can save with AARP discounts, you may not be making fun of the membership any more. Instead, you’ll be enjoying the savings you’ve been able to have access to as a full-fledged AARP member.

Are you ready to find out if an AARP membership is worth it to you? Let’s get started.

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