Envato Elements Review 2024: Assets, Pricing, and Benefits

Envato Elements is an all-inclusive multimedia platform with millions of high-quality resources that caters to creative professionals and enthusiasts of all avenues. It offers a collection of over 13+ million assets, including stock video footage, templates, music, sound effects, photos, graphics, website templates, and even WordPress themes and 3D models.

Envato Elements has a simplified pricing structure with a monthly subscription plan with unlimited downloads from all the media types available. The service comes with a royalty-free license that enables personal and commercial use with a few restrictions. Envato Elements is a suitable option for any creative looking for high-quality stock media content at affordable prices, all in one place.

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to elevate your creative projects, Envato Elements might just be the answer. This all-in-one platform offers an extensive library of assets and tools that cater to various industries and professions.

In this Envato Elements review, we will explore this service and its round solutions for your creative needs, video and otherwise, in-depth.

From its vast stock footage library with millions of assets to its impressive WordPress themes and plugins collection, we’ll explore everything Envato Elements offers and how this platform can help enhance your work. We’ll also discuss the flexible pricing plans tailored to individual needs and special discounts available for students so that you learn exactly how much does Envato Elements cost for you.

To ensure you get the most out of this versatile platform while adhering to licensing restrictions on personal or commercial projects, read on!

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Envato Elements Overview

Envato Elements is a stock media solution for professional video makers, business owners, or content creators seeking an all-inclusive platform with unlimited access to millions of high-quality resources.

With over 13+ million creative assets available between stock video footage, video templates, music, sound effects, photos, graphics, website templates, and even WordPress themes and 3D models, the Envato Elements library caters to creative professionals and enthusiasts of all avenues: video makers, but also graphic designers, web designers, marketers, among others.

They have a simplified pricing structure: a subscription plan with unlimited downloads from all the media types available, billed monthly. The price for an Envato Elements subscription starts at $16.50 per month for an individual account, and there are options for team accounts from 2 and up to 5 members, as well as a bespoke Enterprise subscription for 6+ members. Students get a 30% off the individual subscription, too. All these plans come with unlimited access and downloads for all Envato Elements assets.

Their licensing terms are simplified, with one license common to all media assets. This royalty-free license enables personal and commercial use –excluding products for resale such as merchandising– and with a few media-specific restrictions. It is also a Single Use license, meaning each asset can only be used for one design (but you can re-license it for another use as many times as needed).

This simple and flexible approach to multimedia assets for commercial use makes it a suitable option for any creative looking for high-quality stock media content at affordable prices, all in one place.

Envato Elements – A Brief Timeline

Envato is an Australian online media licensing and creative design resources hub that came to life in 2006. Initially, their Envato marketplace platform was divided into various media-specific brands, each with its own online shop: VideoHive for stock footage and video templates, PhotoDune for stock photos, GraphicRiver for vectors and illustrations, and so on.

In 2016, they launched the Envato Elements service, a subscription offering a handpicked selection of assets from each one of their brands with unlimited downloads. Over the years since, the Envato Elements website has been enriched with a constant influx of new assets, new media formats and bonus resources, and more subscription options –though all with unlimited access–.

Furthermore, the Envato platform has been revamped and restructured. It now hosts Envato Elements (which we are reviewing here), Envato Market –where you can find tabs for each media type and can purchase assets on demand–, Envato Tuts+, which is a hub for tutorials and courses, Placeit by Envato, where you can create mockups and logos, and finally the free files page Mixkit where they give away free stock videos and free stock photos.

Now that you know more about the company, let’s dive into what Envato Elements offers.

Stock Footage Library with Millions of Assets

Envato Elements has a large collection of around 4 million stock video assets, accessible from its tab on the homepage. This library splits into stock footage clips and motion graphics and is searchable with keywords, and you can explore multiple categories and trending topics.

The resolution goes from 720p HD to 4K UHD, so they’re perfectly suitable for professional-grade projects.

Whether you need captivating visuals for a promotional video or stunning background clips for your website, Envato Elements has got you covered.

As it’s an unlimited download subscription where you can license as many 4K clips as you wish for a flat fee, the Envato Elements cost is more than convenient if you need to license footage files constantly.

Video Templates for Every Main Editing Platform

Envato’s collection of professional video templates is a great resource for anyone looking to create great videos without too much extra effort. These predesigned video graphics are ready to customize and transform into a unique finished product in no time.

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They have 50,000+ templates for various popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and DaVinci Resolve, and a nice variety of themes.

These editable templates are certainly a timesaver, and you can download as many of them as you wish, which is a huge plus for the Envato Elements user experience.

Rich Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects Catalogs

Also very valuable for video creators, Envato Elements’ sound library has thousands of stock music tracks –including logo intro effects– in various popular genres and an equally impressive catalog of sound effects where you can find sounds for almost any purpose.

Each type of sound file is sorted in its own tab, arranged by themes or categories, and you can use them in any video o audio project you wish. Envato Elements members are able to combine stock video and audio files to create professional audiovisual content easier and cheaper.

Still Images, Graphics & More

Envato Elements seeks to cover all your creative needs beyond audiovisual production. So their offer includes libraries for stock photos and illustrations, graphic templates, presentation templates, web templates, fonts, and even 3D graphics.

This ensures that you can easily design supporting visuals for your projects, like social media posters, quick YouTube presentation videos, landing pages, etc., without having to spend more money on royalty free stock images or any other additional resources.

Extensive Collection of WordPress Themes and Plugins

Beyond just stock media, Envato also boasts an impressive selection of WordPress themes and plugins. Choose from more than 1100 CMS templates and 2600+ WordPress templates that cater to various niches – eCommerce stores, blogs, portfolios – you name it.

These professionally designed themes and template kits are fully customizable to seamlessly integrate into your brand’s aesthetic.

75% Off First Month with Envato Elements

Downloading an Envato Elements WordPress plugin or WordPress theme with the same subscription you download all your other creative assets is a bonus service that not many competitors provide! This makes Envato Elements arguably one of the ultimate creative asset subscription options.

Envato Elements Pricing

As we previewed earlier, Elements’ pricing structure is super simple. There is only one subscription model, which has unlimited downloads from the entire site and is billed monthly. What varies is the price of this plan, depending on how many people are using it, for how long, and what for.

Envato Elements Individual Plan:

  • Month-to-month: $33 a month – Only $8.25 for the first month with our exclusive Envato Elements 75% Off coupon code!
  • Annual: $16.50 per month ($198/yr)

Envato Elements Team Plan:

  • 2 Members: $14.50 per month per member ($29/mo)
  • 3 Members: $12.42 per month per member ($37.25/mo)
  • 4 Members: $11.38 per month per member ($45.50/mo)
  • 5 Members: $10.75 per month per member ($53.75/mo)

Envato Elements Student Discount:

  • If you sign up with a verified student email address, you unlock an exclusive 30% discount on the individual plan, paying between $11,50 and $23,10 per month, depending if you get the monthly or annual subscription.

75% Off First Month with Envato Elements

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As previously stated, you can access and license any creative asset of your choice with your unique subscription. And you may also use your Envato Elements account to access the Envato Market and purchase the occasional on-demand file you couldn’t find in the Elements library.

Whether you’re a freelancer juggling multiple projects or a business owner looking for high-quality content regularly, Envato Elements’ flexible pricing plans make it likely and easy for you to find the right subscription option that fits your budget and project requirements.

Envato Elements Licensing: Royalty-Free and Single-Use

As part of their simple and user-friendly offer, Elements has a unified license for all content downloaded from their site.  You no longer have to be overwhelmed by convoluted licensing contracts or varied license terms for individual assets.

The Envato Elements license is royalty free, meaning you will never be required to pay any extra costs for using a licensed asset, and they’re cleared for commercial use: marketing, advertising, branding, etc. And also implies it gives you broad commercial rights to legally use the content in for-profit projects.

What is distinctive about this contract is that it’s a single-use license: each downloaded asset can only be used for one design only. Said use has to be registered on the Envato platform. That registration is proof of license: regardless of your subscription ending, you are entitled to use the asset in that specific design forever. If you wish to use the same asset across multiple projects, you must re-download it and register the new project every time. This can be a bit time-consuming, but since the subscription is unlimited, you don’t incur any extra expenses for re-downloads.

There are also a few special restrictions. For example, music tracks cannot be used in Broadcast (tv, radio, etc.) or mainstream theatrical productions. And you cannot use any item to create on-demand or merchandising products.

But overall, it’s a very encompassing and easy-to-comply-with license.

Additional Services & Learning Resources

The Envato Elements membership doesn’t stop at providing high-quality stock media. A cool additional benefit is a free access to a selection of tutorials from the Envato Tuts+ platform and a series of other tips and resources for visual design.

FAQs in Relation to Envato Elements

Let’s quickly solve the most common questions about Envato’s unlimited subscription service.

Is Envato Elements Trustworthy?

Yes, Envato Elements is a highly trustworthy platform. Envato has been serving millions of users since 2006 and offers a vast library of digital assets created by independent designers worldwide. The platform also provides secure payment options and adheres to strict licensing policies for using its resources.

What is Envato Elements About?

Envato Elements is an all-in-one subscription service that provides unlimited access to millions of high-quality digital assets, such as stock footage, photos, WordPress themes, plugins, graphic templates, fonts, and more. It caters to creative professionals like designers, freelancers, and business owners who need ready-to-use resources for their projects.

Is an Envato Elements subscription worth it?

The answer to the “Is Envato Elements worth it” question depends entirely on your creative and budget needs. If you need royalty free videos, audio tracks, stock images, and the occasional WordPress plugins, for example, then this service can be ideal for you, as Envato Elements offers all that and more with a single unlimited download subscription and at a very affordable price.

What Happened to Envato Elements?

Nothing significant has happened to impact Envato Elements negatively; it continues growing its user base and expanding its library with new digital assets regularly.

What Are the Benefits of Envato Elements?

  • Unlimited access to millions of high-quality digital assets
  • Affordable pricing plans with monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Royalty-free licenses suitable for commercial use
  • New content added regularly by independent creators

Is Envato Better Than Canva?

Envato Elements and Canva share some features, such as unlimited downloads of multimedia assets, additional web templates and tutorial offers, a single-use commercial license for downloaded assets, and unlimited annual or monthly subscription plans.

However, they also have their differences. Canva is an all-in-one design platform aimed at non-professional users who want professional-looking results. Envato Elements is more geared toward the knowledgeable creator or graphic designer who wants high-quality resources in one place. The Envato Elements user experience is not the same for beginners.

75% Off First Month with Envato Elements

Conclusion: A Good All-In-One Alternative for Creatives on a Budget

Our Envato Elements review concludes that, as an all-in-one platform that provides unlimited access to millions of digital assets, including stock footage, photos, WordPress themes & plugins, Envato Elements is a good fit for those needing to integrate various media elements into their projects, constantly. With flexible licensing options and affordable pricing plans, it’s the perfect solution for companies, professionals, business owners, designers, freelancers, eCommerce stores, and bloggers alike.

Envato Elements’ services, such as video templates for YouTube intros/outros or royalty-free stock footage suitable for commercial use, can enhance your content and make it stand out from the rest without breaking the bank.

If you are ready, start browsing Envato Elements right now!

Who’s Envato Elements best for?

Film & video editors

Graphic designers

The DIYers

Developers & coders

Who Envato Elements is NOT for?

Businesses requiring robust legal protection

Creatives prioritizing exclusivity

Print-on-demand projects

Users needing continued access beyond subscription

Reviewers who mentioned features said

I have found myself taking advantage of various features that are available on Envato Elements – photos, graphics, stock videos, presentation templates. There is such great variety on show, a marketers dream!

—-Jason Melissinos

I love the video templates from Envato Elements. There is not any other platform out there that comes close to the massive library that Envato has.

—-Stephen Goodlet

Envato Elements is my “go-to” resource whenever I need assets for almost any design job. Whenever I need video, stock images, and other assets that I can utilize as a starting point then this is the place that I go.

—-Susan Palladino

Envato Elements platform is rich in creative designs, graphics, images, templates, and almost every content type I might need to create professionally-designed content. The content on Envato Elements is always up-to-date with current design trends. Also, the subscription plans are affordable.

—-Cynthia Greene

You get all the themes, graphics, and audio samples you could ever want but the templates for things like eBooks are by far the best. I’m putting together a cookbook and you would be amazed at how many mock ups there are for such a thing…

—-Darrell Pattersonii

For comparatively little money, envato offers a variety of templates, videos and images of the highest quality.

—-Bruce Conroy